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Engineering and Well Planning iconMaximize Operational Efficiency with Our Expert Planning and Engineering Services

Legacy Directional is ready to unlock the full potential of your drilling operations with our expert well planning and engineering services. Designed to optimize resource allocation and enhance overall project success, our services are tailored to meet the unique challenges of each project. Our dedicated team of five experts brings a combined 106 years of experience, delivering unparalleled expertise and insight to every project.

Advanced Drilling Performance Optimization

Achieve peak performance and reduce costs with our drilling performance optimization services. Our team uses cutting-edge techniques including BHA modeling, hydraulics, torque and drag analysis, and critical speed analysis to ensure your drilling operations are as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Analytics Services

Transform your operations with our analytics services. We offer deep analytical insights and strategic guidance to drive continuous operational improvement and long-term success. Our comprehensive approach ensures you have the data and insights needed to make informed decisions and achieve high performance.

Complete Incident Analysis

Gain clear, actionable insights with our complete incident analysis services. We leverage comprehensive data to provide thorough equipment failure and severe damage analyses. Our reports are designed to be easily understandable for all audiences, ensuring you can quickly implement effective solutions and prevent future incidents.

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