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Legacy MWD Kits iconLegacy’s MWD fleet is exclusively comprised of owned kits from Gordon Technologies. Our technology offering is unique because we are the only service provider to offer the combination of Legacy-owned Gordon MWD kits alongside a proprietary fleet of mud motors fully controlled over the entire life cycle of the motor.

  • Legacy is the only directional drilling company that owns its Gordon MWD kits – all others rent them.
  • All kits have the latest upgrades and are 100% serviced by Gordon personnel via an exclusive arrangement between Gordon and Legacy.
  • Fastest MWD: Industry-leading Fastest Data Transmission Rates for MWD operations.

Gordon’s technologies were specifically designed to provide the fastest transmission rates in the industry and to address the most common points of MWD failure, such as high temperature and high shock and vibration. As a result, Legacy has committed its MWD fleet to the fastest, most robust, and reliable MWD system in the market.


Shock Miser™

Legacy Directional utilizes the Shock Miser UBHO/PULSER Sub on every BHA. The technology has a built-in “bi-directional” shock absorber that isolates the MWD tool from harmful axial (Z-axis) shock and vibration. The patented design also dampens lateral shock, vibration, and torsional shock created from motor stalls and stick/slip by partially isolating the MWD tool from the drill string.

Shock Miser Features

  • Improves tool reliability by protecting the MWD system from shock and vibration
  • Improves the quality of data transmission by creating a larger mud pulse amplitude by up to 300%
  • Industry-leading data rates
    • Improves real-time log quality
    • Optimizes drilling by transmitting drilling dynamics data without sacrificing critical tool face and gamma updates
  • Filters debris from the mud system, reducing the potential for MWD failures
  • Highest LCM resistance in the industry – up to 40 lb/bbl of medium/fine nut plug
  • Customizable flow ranges, including industry-leading high flow range that reduces cuttings debris and improves ROP
  • Compatible with salt-saturated, water, and oil-based mud systems


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