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Rotary Steerable iconAt Legacy Directional, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS) solutions backed by years of expertise and dedication. With our experienced team led by a dedicated RSS product line manager, we bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to every project.

Experience Matters

With over 3500 hours and 325,000 feet of RSS experience under our belt, we have tackled a wide range of drilling challenges across various hole sections and well profiles. Our expertise spans:

  • RSS hole section experience, including vertical, intermediate, curve, and lateral sections.
  • RSS well profile experience, covering vertical, S-well, and horizontal profiles.
  • RSS hole size experience, ranging from 4.75 inches to 12.25 inches.

Leading Technology

We stay at the forefront of RSS technology, leveraging both proven and emerging solutions to optimize drilling performance. Our experience includes working with top-notch RSS technologies such as Powerdrive Orbit, D-Tech RST, DTI Rotosteer, Sparrow Boxer, and Kinetic Kontour.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our commitment to innovation extends to real-time communications for real-time capable RSS systems. With our monitoring solutions, we enable continuous performance monitoring while drilling, allowing for early detection of issues and proactive prevention and mitigation strategies.

Performance Optimization

At Legacy Directional, we understand the importance of optimizing performance to achieve drilling objectives efficiently and effectively. Our in-house engineering team employs advanced techniques such as:

  • Identification of Stick/Slip Go/No-go RPM zones during planning to minimize Stick/Slip events while drilling.
  • Independent motor fluid bypass calculations to ensure hydraulic accuracy and consistent steering efficiency.
  • Torque and drag analysis based on Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) models, both during planning and drilling, with regular updates based on observed results.


3500+ Hours

RSS Experience

325,000+ Feet

RSS Experience

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