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Slim Hole/Re-entry Drilling iconMarket Ownership

Legacy not only participates in but dominates the slim hole and short radius drilling market. Our extensive experience and depth of knowledge have established us as the definitive leaders in this sector.

Proprietary Technology and Manufacturing

We are not just technology users; we are technology creators. Legacy owns the manufacturing of our cutting-edge drilling tools, ensuring each piece of equipment is up to our high standards and specifically tailored for optimal performance in slim hole drilling.

Proven Track Record

Our success is demonstrated repeatedly through numerous projects where our technology and methods have proven effective. Legacy’s consistent performance underscores our reliability and expertise.

Service Excellence

Beyond manufacturing, Legacy understands the intricacies of maintaining and servicing our tools, tailored to their specific uses. Our ability to provide exceptional after-sales service and support ensures maximum efficiency and longevity of the tools, enhancing overall project success.

Cost Efficiency and Environmental Stewardship

Our solutions are designed to be both cost-effective and environmentally responsible. This dual focus not only meets regulatory standards but also aligns with the growing demand for sustainable practices.

Customized Solutions and Expert Guidance

Led by industry experts our team excels in crafting solutions that precisely meet the challenges of each project, ensuring optimal outcomes tailored to client needs.


Short Radius Wells Drilled


Short Radius Total Footage


Curve Landed In-Zone


  • Full job capacity – Motors, MWD, Personnel
  • Engineering capabilities for upgrades or improvements
  • 0-4 degree bend motors
  • Casing sizes (4.5 – 13’’)
  • 3rd party whipstock services
  • 3rd party drill pipe services
  • 3rd party gyro MWD
  • 3rd party WL services
  • BHA components manufactured in-house
  • Retrievable MWD
  • Vertical control
  • Azimuthal or regular gamma
  • Nudges
  • Full package or partial services
  • Dogleg capabilities 0-90 degrees
  • HT capabilities
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